December 14, 2020

Marketing Dive integrates Mobile Marketer into weekly newsletter

Few would deny that the pace of digital's evolution went supersonic in 2020. As a result, there's a new reality in which connected experiences and commerce are woven into all aspects of our lives and are unlikely to return to pre-pandemic levels.

With these changes in mind, Marketing Dive has integrated Mobile Marketer into its expanding coverage of the digital marketing landscape.

Last Thursday, we launched a new newsletter, Marketing Dive: Mobile Weekly, which readers can subscribe to here . In the days and weeks ahead, readers can expect to see more mobile industry news as part of our coverage of the marketing industry's evolution.

Look no further than TikTok's skyrocketing success this year for evidence that mobile has become endemic to consumers' experiences and, therefore, to marketing and media. While the controversy surrounding its continued operations in the United States is a political issue, the fact that legacy behemoths like Oracle, Microsoft and Walmart have all expressed interest in acquiring a part of TikTok's U.S. business underscores just how crucial having a strong mobile presence is for the future. With these changes, marketers and the industry publications that serve them need to evolve as well.

As part of Marketing Dive, the Mobile Marketer team's wealth of industry knowledge and expertise can help expand coverage of the strategies of some of the biggest brands in the world and the latest developments impacting them.