July 16, 2018

Medical Technology Publication Expands Industry Dive's Digital Health Coverage

The medical technology industry is experiencing unprecedented growth amid the digital health revolution. As a result, vital information that affects medical, health, and research professionals is being disseminated faster than ever before.

Between unique FDA regulation shifts, the rise in disruptive medical technologies and industry-defining M&A, we understand how important staying informed on these crucial developments are for business success.

That's why the Industry Dive team is excited to announce the launch of our new publication   MedTech Dive to chronicle the transformation of medical devices, diagnostics and technologies.

 "The medtech industry is in a moment of immense change and uncertainty as regulators revamp their oversight of digital health, software and medical devices. MedTech Dive will bring you the latest insights on the business, policy and technology of medtech from our team of independent journalists," said David Lim, associate editor of MedTech Dive.

MedTech Dive will deliver a daily mix of quick-hitting news and industry analysis. Topics include: changing FDA regulations, industry mergers and acquisitions, R&D breakthroughs, as well as the explosion in medical technology, from AI to mobile health.

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