March 14, 2018

New Dive logo design

The team at Industry Dive is proud to announce a new logo we believe boldly embodies our forward-looking approach to business media.

When we launched in 2012, Industry Dive was one of the first B2B media companies to optimize its website and newsletters for mobile. Six years later, our entire staff remains just as committed to that initial vision of innovation.

A strong culture of ownership and an openness to bottom-up ideas is one of our team's greatest strengths. Our new logo is a product of that philosophy. The year-long process to redesign our branding was sparked by a proposal from a handful of employees, not management or the founders.

These employees saw an opportunity to intimately connect our core values with the visual identity of our company, to reimagine the story told by our logo. And that is what we did. Much more than an aesthetic refresh, our new branding is a promise to you that we will always be thinking about tomorrow.

The product of hundreds of iterations, our new logo is comprised of two parts the icon mark and word mark.

Icon mark

Our top priority as a company is to empower business leaders to transform their industries. The new icon mark symbolizes how we cut through the daily headlines to deliver meaningful insights.

Word mark

The new word mark reinforces the contemporary, authoritative voice of our editorial content and supports the updated design of the icon mark. We also retained a strong emphasis on the word Dive, because it further binds the branding of our various publications.

The Dive promise

From this new logo to the recent rollout of more mobile-friendly newsletter templates, our team is constantly working to improve the experience you have with our products. Never hestitate to reach out and let us know how we can better solve your problems. We love to hear from you and will always listen.