February 4, 2020

Industry Dive's outlook on 2020 for 19 industries

At the turn of every year, our readers look to our publications to understand whats coming in the year ahead.

The 19 industries and professions that Industry Dive covers face constant change. From regulatory agendas and breakthrough technologies to shifting industry dynamics and business strategies, our readers -- senior industry executives and leaders -- must position themselves ahead of the change to win in their markets.

Thats why, every January, our journalists home in on the trends that will shape the future of our industries. We dive into our research and reporting from years past, we talk to trusted sources far and wide, and we ultimately develop our takeaways on what will matter most in the coming year. This results in a series of stories that help our readers operate their companies and navigate the ever-changing market.

I'm proud to share the 71 different stories our teams put together to preview 2020 for our industries. We hope it helps our readers foresee what's coming.


  4 banking trends to watch in 2020
M&A, climate change, fintech partnerships and challenger banks' experiments overseas are among the narratives Banking Dive expects to resurface throughout the year.

  Dropping 'digital' from digital banking: 5 trends for 2020
Tech companies that want to bank could have a breakout year. Meanwhile, businesses will continue to go paperless, people cashless, and banking-as-a-service will court greater buy-in.


  5 biotech trends to follow in 2020
Enthusiasm for new drugs and burgeoning companies will collide with an election year spotlight.

  5 trends to watch at the FDA in 2020
With Stephen Hahn confirmed as commissioner, the regulator is better positioned to more firmly address political pressures and a rising tide of complex medicines.

  5 FDA approval decisions to watch in the 1st quarter
Aimmune'speanut allergy therapyandEsperion'scholesterol offering could be among the new drugs cleared in the first few months of the new decade.

  5 biopharmas to watch as the decade's last earnings kick off
Biogen faces down analysts one more time on itsaducanumabplans, while twobiotechscould give early glimpses into their first-ever drug launches.


  5 CFO trends to watch in 2020
Greater adoption of rolling forecasts and subscription pricing models are among the trends you'll see this year.

  2020 trends: What future-ready CFOs are thinking about
Qualitative analyses, sustainable investment, inclusive hiring, shortened supply chains and business response plans are among the priorities forward-looking CFOs will put in place in 2020.

  2020 M&A trends: 'scope' deals to take center stage
Deals that move companies into new business areas have a spotty record of success, but companies aren't deterred from making them the centerpiece of their M&A strategy this year.

  2020 Trends: Rise of the CFO-COO
The combined role is gaining popularity across industries. But is it really that much of a change?


  25 business technology trends for 2020
As tech leaders plan for 2020 and beyond, keep a close eye on interoperability and making technology purchasing decisions that can remain flexible in the long-term.

  5 CIO and IT leadership trends for 2020
With an uncertain economic future, changing trade policies and constant cyberthreats, IT leaders need a clear strategic vision and the support of the business.

  5 data trends for 2020
Companies will increase reliance of artificial intelligence and advanced data analytics in 2020 as they seek a competitive edge.

  5 cybersecurity trends for 2020
With industry-known strains morphing into new killers and regulators dutifully watching for errors, companies are leaning on their infosec teams more than ever.

  5 cloud trends for 2020
This year will offer more battles in the cloud wars and more vendors listening to understand the realities of where businesses actually are in cloud adoption.

  5 SaaS trends for 2020
Customer demands are forcing vendors to interoperate, creating hubs for multichannel experiences.

  CIO Dive's business technology predictions for 2020
In 2020, CIOs will spend their days using data to maximize the efficiency of their workforce, as cyberattacks and fierce competition looms large.


  Top trends: 5 ways construction will evolve in 2020
Though the nation's second-largest industry seems like it doesn't change much, there are myriad, nuanced forces shaping the way contractors do business and buildings get built, and more so now than ever before.

  The public construction firms to watch in 2020
Risk reduction, deleveraging and even bankruptcy are on the table for some of the industry's top publicly traded companies this year.

  Stadium projects scoring construction goals in 2020
Loaded with high-tech features and surrounded by expansive mixed-use developments, they require massive contracts only fit for the all-stars of construction management.

Education: Higher Ed

  7 higher education trends to watch in 2020
College consolidation, partnerships with employers and the effects of deregulation are among the topics we'll have our eye on this year.

  3 trends impacting major for-profit college operators in 2020
The election could be a key deadline for complex nonprofit conversions and change of control applications, and colleges are "at the wire," one analyst said.

  5 HBCU funding trends to watch in 2020
Democratic presidential candidates have big-ticket proposals for these institutions, but financial challenges remain.

Education: K-12

  5 K-12 trends to watch in 2020
New approaches to assessment, concerns over security and privacy, and reimagining what defines classrooms and instruction are among factors that will drive education in the coming year.

  6 K-12 districts to watch in 2020
Where some see gains with student success and technological innovation, others continue to face takeover threats and lawsuits.

  5 administrators to watch in 2020
Despite obstacles, these superintendents and principals have had tremendous success raising test scores, retaining teachers and working with parents, communities and school boards.


  6 trends that will shape the food and beverage industry in 2020
What will this new year bring? We see the launch of meat substitutes that go beyond the burger, the elevation of alternative dairy products and smaller M&A deals.

  Big Beer quickens pace of innovation as sales of iconic brews languish
With volumes of the popular alcohol dropping for the fourth straight year in 2019, hard coffee, kombucha, spiked seltzers and flavored versions of popular brews could be the future.

  Food manufacturers can put GMO labels on their products in 2020. Will they?
Large manufacturers need to disclose detectable bioengineered ingredients by 2022, and attorneys and analysts think many will wait until the last minute.


  6 grocery trends to watch in 2020
Simplifying apps, evolving in-store dining and expanding micro-fulfillment will be on the menu for retailers in the year ahead, experts say.

  4 grocery markets to watch in 2020
With legacy players digging in and newcomers looking to shake things up, expect some pitched battles in the months ahead.

  Discovery is lost in e-commerce. How can grocers improve?
The concept is core to bigger baskets and impulse buys online, but most companies have missed the mark, experts say.


  Beyond the ACA: Healthcare legal fights to watch in 2020
Payers and providers are contesting a price transparency push. The Trump administration is also being challenged over risk corridor payments and the expansion of association health plans.?

  Key 2020 trends for payers and providers
No matter who wins the White House come November, healthcare experts say the push to reimburse providers for value and the aim for greater transparency surrounding prices will keep moving ahead.

  Will more employers get off the healthcare bench in 2020?
In the eyes of critics, employers  especially the country's largest  aren't doing enough to move the needle on medical costs and quality. That could change in the new year.


  10 trends that will shape HR in 2020
The evolution of technology, employment law and the way work gets done will shape the new year, according to experts who spoke to HR Dive.

  5 talent trends to watch in 2020
The workforce now encompasses a large swath of employees, independent contractors and even robots, requiring a new approach.

  6 learning trends to watch in 2020
HR Dive asked the experts for their views on what's to come in a new decade of learning potential.


  7 trends that show 2020 will be a make-or-break year for marketers
Expectations are rising around everything from sustainability to data privacy, and some areas, like media buying and CMO strategies, will reach an inflection point, experts said.

  Can revenue-hungry retailers rise to meet digital advertising's opportunity?
From grocery to big box stores, retailers have ramped up their ad offerings, but executives at NRF's Big Show harped on how smartly leveraging data will be critical for success.

  Esports outlook 2020: What brands need to become winning players
Non-endemic brands are becoming more active, influencers are getting proper management and tech is letting new platforms emerge.

Mobile Marketing

  5 trends that will move mobile marketing in 2020
2019's top disruptors and technologies will continue to shape the landscape, while influencer marketing faces new challenges.

  Key mobile app marketing trends in 2020 will include Gen Z, IoT, App Annie predicts
App usage continues to soar, but brands must pay attention to what the trends mean before they're left behind.

  5 ways mobile will converge with retail in 2020
At the NRF's Big Show, retailers and exhibitors showcased how mobile's role continues to evolve and expand for both in-store and online shopping.


  Device warning letters plunged nearly 90% over 5 years. An FDA official predicts a rebound
FDA's device center issued just nine warning letters in the most recent fiscal year, down from 81 in 2015. But with a major reorganization complete, regulators say they can respond to compliance issues more quickly.

  5 medtech trends to track in 2020
With the medical device tax in the rearview mirror, industry worries include the uncertain future for product sterilization and the "valley of death" between marketing authorization and reimbursement.


  5 restaurant trends that will define 2020
Analysts predict that ghost restaurants and lifestyle brand campaigns will continue to evolve and shape the market, but Gen Z's influence and interest in micro chains could disrupt the ecosystem.

  Plant-based burger craze will plateau, but no expiration date in sight
Tim Hortons rolled back select Beyond Meat products and Burger King's Impossible Whopper sales are sliding, but analysts predict that meat analogues have long-term staying power.

  How restaurants are taking control of delivery in 2020
With doubts swirling over delivery's long-term profitability, this year will be marked by restaurants renegotiating commission rates, developing branded online ordering and adding virtual kitchen.


  10 retail trends to watch in 2020
From the evolution of pure-play e-commerce to the purpose of brick and mortar, the Retail Dive team serves up its predictions for 2020.

  7 hot mobile trends for 2020
From TikTok to improving in-store tech for employees, here's what's on the horizon for retailers.

  The future of retail: What 2020 and beyond will bring to the industry
A discussion with retail futurist Doug Stephens as a new decade dawns.

Smart Cities

  6 experts predict the most disruptive tech of 2020
Leaders at CES last week weighed in on the most disruptive tech and trends to come, and how to best prepare for the associated risks.

  The smart city conferences to get excited about in 2020
As you prepare to visit trade shows and summits this year, take a look at Smart Cities Dive's list for those likely to feature enticing discussions and out-of-this-world products.

  7 trends that will define smart cities in 2020
Cities are primed for big transformation, including scooter company consolidation, car-free zone planning and increased flying car investments.

Supply Chain

  2020: Will procurement risk intensify?
The complicated economic, political and technological issues of 2019 are unsolved and will roll into the new year, so procurement managers need to look behind the headlines to stay ahead.

  What are the top supply chain trends of 2020? 4 experts weigh in
2019 trends including automation, speedy operations and changing global supply chains will likely carry over and intensify this year.

  The importance of S&OP in 2020
Trends in personalization and fast shipping will require planning that goes beyond supply and demand.

  4 e-commerce trends to watch in 2020
When competing with Amazon or Alibaba, its important to use trends as inspiration for innovation.

  3 retail supply chain fails of 2019 and how to avoid them in 2020
Faulty technology integrations created a few multi-million dollar supply chain disasters in 2019. Experts say with the right checks in place, they could have been prevented.


  10 trends driving the US power sector
From utilities to states to grid operators, the energy transformation is accelerating, but significant challenges remain.

  Coal faces headwinds from aging plants, adverse market signals and high remediation costs
Despite persistent economic challenges, the coal industry continues to fight to preserve its place in the U.S. energy mix.

  Natural gas faces regulatory, environmental scrutiny but still wants role in carbon-free grid
Aggressive natural gas investments in recent years may bring the sector to its tipping point. But some stakeholders say the fuel still has an important role to play in a decarbonized future.

  US renewable resources on steady course for increased deployment
"In 2020, theres sort of a 'come on in, the water's warm' element of excitement and momentum"around renewable energy procurement, one analyst said.

  Utilities will be pushed to further embrace distributed energy resources
As net metering fades, some states will move ahead with new visions for DERs, while others are playing catch-up.

  Renewables, resilience and reliability needs will drive storage
The storage industry will face its fair share of challenges, including increasing safety regulations, regulatory barriers and market uncertainty, experts say.

  From light bulbs to dishwashers, court battles to continue on DOE's efficiency moves
The U.S. Department of Energy's appliance standards program turned into a policy lightning rod in 2019. Experts anticipate more of the same.

  New state action on customer empowering rate designs and business models
Regulators, utilitiesand stakeholders will pilot simple price signalsand work toward agreement on a performance-based framework, but California may be in for a surprise.


  7 pressing questions for the waste and recycling industry in 2020
The year is shaping up to be a major one for the industry's future. We'll be digging into safety, corporate consolidation, climate commitments, recycling policy, organics, PFAS, politics and more.

  2020 could be the year of legislative boom  or bust  for national recycling policy
An influx of legislation in Congress aims to tackle problems facing the recycling industry amid rising public attention. The bills range widely in their industry backers and odds of success.

  Notable waste industry M&A activity continues in 2020
With confirmed deals by GFL Environmental, Waste Connections and Interstate Waste Solutions the year is off to a busy start. The pending Waste Management-Advanced Disposal deal is among more to come.