November 18, 2020

Retail Dive: Editor Kaarin Vembar’s SKU’d column receives NPC Humor Award

The National Press Club awarded its 2020 Angele Gingras Humor Award to Retail Dive Editor Kaarin Vembarfor her clever columns on the retail business.

Vembar started her column, SKUd, last year - as its description states:

Kaarin Vembar is obsessed with the luxury and apparel markets. She also has a sassy mouth so her managing editor decided to give her a column in an attempt to harness insight for readers.

Some of her favorite columns include:

SKU'd: Walmart regrets everything it ever purchased

SKU'd: The problem with Kate Spade is that it became J. Crew

SKU'd: Does Gap have a Kanye West problem?

The National Press Club will recognize all its award winners at a virtual event on Dec. 2.

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