December 8, 2014

Retail Dive Launches Two Newsletters on Tech and Marketing

As more consumers move online for purchases, retailers must rely on the latest marketing strategies and technology to reach and retain loyal customers. The team at Industry Dive is proud to announce the launch of two new weekly editions of Retail Dive, Retail Dive: Tech and Retail Dive: Marketing, free industry news resources serving more than 500,000 retail executives.

Built mobile-friendly, Retail Dive: Tech and Retail Dive: Marketing will deliver a mix of news and analysis to keep even the busiest industry executives up-to-speed on emerging tech and marketing trends. Designed to provide deeper coverage of topics important to retailers today, the launch of these two publications will further complement stories covered by Retail Dive.

  • Retail Dive: Tech topics will include: retail technology, e-commerce, payment technology, IT, in-store tech, cyber security and more.
  • Retail Dive: Marketing topics will include: retail advertising, social media, analytics, personalization, search, video and more.
"In today's retail environment, it's important to keep on top of the changing channels of how retailers reach customers, protect customer data, and manage inventory. The ability to get quick updates on technology and marketing developments is critical to improving processes, exceeding sales forecasts, and will put our readers ahead of the competition." - Ryan Willumson, Chief Revenue Officer and Co-Founder of Industry Dive

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