September 21, 2020

Smart Cities Dive journalist Kristin Musulin named to influencer list

StateTech Magazine has named Smart Cities Dive Senior Editor Kristin Musulin to its 30 State and Local Government IT Influencer List .

On both Twitter and LinkedIn, she is a trend spotter and purveyor of news on a range of smart city topics, from urban mobility to climate change and how the pandemic is affecting cities, StateTech said of Musulin.

Musulin helped create and launch Smart Cities Dive in 2017, which StateTech called one of the premier smart cities news websites. Musulin closely follows and reports on the topics of shared and emerging mobility, civic engagement, affordable housing and economic development. She oversees the production of the publication's daily newsletter and directs coverage.

Musulin joined Industry Dive in 2015 and was the editor of Waste Dive prior to the launch of Smart Cities Dive. She was selected for The Poynter Institutes Leadership Academy for Women in Media in 2019 and has done numerous speaking engagements on journalism and city topics.

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