April 6, 2017

Smart Cities Publication Adds Urban Sustainability Focus to Industry Dive Media Portfolio

As we witness one of the biggest spells of urbanization in history, critical environmental issues climate change, water pollution and the like are also coming to a head. With this population growth, the quality of life for billions of city dwellers will depend on how policymakers and business leaders react to the twin challenges of urbanization and sustainability.

To help leaders address these issues and stay ahead of the curve, the team behind Waste Dive, Utility Dive and Construction Dive have joined together to launch a new weekly publication, Smart Cities Dive .

Delivered every Thursday, the free Smart Cities Dive newsletter will cover

  • Energy
  • Green Building
  • Transportation
  • Waste Solutions
  • Connectivity
  • Policy

Readers can expect stories on everything from what is a smart city and 5G data access to noise pollution and municipal water management.
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Through timely news coverage and thoughtful analysis, the publication seeks to further the dialogue about urban sustainability and connectivity, highlighting innovative practices and thinkers who are making systems more sustainable, connected and livable.

About Smart Cities Dive

Formerly Sustainable Cities Collective, Smart Cities Dive has been created to give the topics of urban sustainability and connectivity the full-time editorial news coverage they deserve. It reaches more than 250,000 industry leaders each month via its website, email newsletter, and social media channels.
Learn more at smartcitiesdive.com .

About Industry Dive

Washington, D.C.-based Industry Dive was formed in January 2012 to provide news and trends for industry leaders through convenient mobile apps and websites. Today, Industry Dive serves over four million executives through 13 industry-specific news publications: BioPharma Dive, CIO Dive, Construction Dive, Education Dive, Food Dive, Healthcare Dive, HR Dive, Marketing Dive, Retail Dive, Smart Cities Dive, Supply Chain Dive Utility Dive, and Waste Dive.
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