January 25, 2021

studioID presents newsroom-influenced best practices for marketers; webinar on Jan. 27th

Between the overarching cultural forces at play and society's constant desire for timely information, brands have an opportunity and a responsibility to weigh in on the issues. To succeed, marketers have to become more agile, tell better brand stories, and keep pace as information and conversations shift quickly. What better place than a newsroom to look for advice on how to pivot quickly and develop quality reactive content?

For studioID (Industry Dive's content studio launched in 2020) learning from the newsroom is at the heart of what sets us apart. To capture these lessons, Robin Re , VP of Marketing at Industry Dive, and Lieu Pham , VP of Strategy & Creatives Services at studioID, recently talked with Industry Dive's Editor-in-Chief Davide Savenije , about how he manages 80 journalists who break news, offer in-depth analysis on industry trends and analyze what matters most to decision-makers across more than 20 competitive industries.

Robin and Lieu will share the top tips that emerged from this conversation through the lens of marketing duringstudioID's free webinar at 11 a.m. ET on January 27 - Why You Need to Operate Like a Newsroom in 2021 (And How to Pull It Off) . They will present how marketing leaders canapply these successful newsroom strategies to their own day-to-day operations and generate newsroom-style content that drives measurable results. Register here.

This webinar builds on studioID's inaugural audience insights report that leveraged insights from readers across Industry Dive' 22 publications to set the stage for how marketers can best reach these audiences in 2021. It also kicks off studioID's webinar series, designed to share the best practices at the core of the teams holistic brand-to-demand approach. studioID plans to discuss content marketing, audience insights, ROI & analytics, SEO, and creativity, among other topics in future webinars set to take place this year.

In the 45-minute webinar on January 27th, marketing leaders will learn:

  • Why recent evolutions across the marketing landscape make now the time to adopt a newsroom-style approach
  • How to strike an effective balance between reactive and proactive strategies
  • What it takes to build an operation that mobilizes quickly and consciously to produce (good) reactive content
  • How to pull it all off with best practices direct from Industry Dives newsroom

Plus, Robin and Lieu will close with a live Q&A session to answer lingering questions on how to put this strategy in practice quickly or other content marketing issues.

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