October 28, 2020

studioID study reveals 2020's key changes for B2B decision makers

studioID, Industry Dive's global content studio, has published its inaugural   Audience Insights for B2B Marketing  - a look at the media consumption trends from a study of Industry Dive's audience of 11 million decision-makers across 20 industries and 22 news publications.*

"For the very first time, we pull back the curtain on our proprietary first-party audience data," said Robin Re, VP of Marketing at Industry Dive and co-author of the report. "We reveal key findings marketing leaders and practitioners need to know to evolve their strategies and help justify their content budgets for 2021 and beyond."

In Industry Dive's 2020 reader survey, 25% of respondents said they have seen their job role/function change during the pandemic. Based on some of the survey results, the report's focus on the "Year of Disruption" reveals key changes for B2B decision-makers in 2020  and what they mean for the services and products that serve them.

"As leaders search for solutions and our collective screen time soars, content remains one of the most sustainable ways to reach audiences." said report co-author Lieu Pham, VP of Strategy & Creative Services at Industry Dive. "However, a content strategy has its own set of common challenges, which have been amplified by increased competition, shrinking budgets, and an audience fatigued by Zoom calls and a seemingly endless loop of new stresses. What marketers need now are reliable insights that go beyond instincts."

Pham joined Industry Dive following the   acquisition of NewsCreds content marketing services . She currently runs global strategy and growth initiatives at studioID, developing frameworks,thought leadership content, sales-enablement materials, and workshops that drive clientsuccess.

  studioID  designed the report specifically for marketers who want to up their content game and make lasting impressions on senior execs in their respective industries.

The 43-page report includes:

  • 2020 Overall Themes and Insights   Evolving roles, canceled events, packed news cycles: things keep changing so how do you innovate?  
  • Audience Insights for 7 Industry Groupings
  • Using audience data, the study features keywords that resonate, popular topics among senior executives, messaging themesand more for seven industry groups:
  •   Financial Services  
  •  Life Sciences
  •  Retail/CPG
  •  Logistics/Transportation
  •  Business Functions
  •  Education
  •  Energy/Sustainability/Building
  • For example: the Life Sciences cohort draws from audience insight from   BioPharma Dive,   MedTech Dive , and   Healthcare Dive  audiences.
  • 6 Key Industry-agnostic Takeaways   Beyond the industry-centric lessons, the audience data also gives universal lessons that all marketing leaders can put into practice - which includes "Rethink Your Format Assumptions."  

Industry Dive is known for its success in leveraging first-party audience data to drive decisions. While studioID wants this report to support content marketing decisions, it serves as a reminder that "content isn't your most valuable asset - your audience is."

Download a full copy of the report   here .

*Note the study was done prior to the launch of our 21st market:   Cybersecurity .


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