May 2, 2019

Supply Chain Dive Adds Weekly Procurement Edition

Since 2016, the journalists of Supply Chain Dive have worked to keep logistics executives informed on trends and strategies affecting end-to-end success. Two years later a weekly newsletter dedicated to the often the unsung hero of the supply chain, operations, was launched .

Now, one topic in particular has been top of many supply chain professionals' minds given economic uncertainties and changing regulatory drivers: procurement.

To give this area the coverage it deserves, we are launching Supply Chain Dive: Procurement a weekly newsletter focused exclusively on this area of the supply chain.

Delivered every Thursday afternoon, the newsletter will cover the trends shaping procurement, including upstream risk management, technologies that help improve visibility, ethical and sustainable sourcing and how political decisions, from tariffs to Brexit, impact a company's procurement plan.

You can sign up here to start receiving new reporting, updates like the developing supply chain impact of Brexit and a range of perspectives on procurement management.

About Industry Dive

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