February 14, 2019

The Industry Dive of Tomorrow

Industry Dive was founded in 2012 to keep busy business leaders up-to-date with the latest news and trends in their industries.

When describing the Dive brand during those early days, we highlighted that our websites and newsletters were mobile-friendlysurprisingly rare for 2012 B2B news publishers. We used language like, Your industrys mobile dashboard and Your job on your phone. It was a differentiation that set us apart from other business publications.

Same Mission, Greater Ambition

Seven years, five million readers and sixteen publications later, we continue to build upon our foundational goal of delivering business news and insights to decision-makers. Our messaging, however, has evolved. Rather than focus on our mobile-friendly news products, we now emphasize how our editorial content has become irreplaceable for executives in the industries we cover.

Industry Dives new mission statement reflects our ambition to produce content that our readers find invaluable: Help decision-makers stay ahead in competitive industries by producing the business worlds most respected journalism. Our insights spark innovation, fuel growth and shape agendas in every industry we cover.

To more accurately represent who we are today and who we aspire to be, we also redesigned our corporate website homepage .

In the months ahead, look out for the launch of new Dive publications and the continued expansion of our editorial coverage.

It is an exciting time to be at Industry Dive. The media industry is undergoing significant transformation right now. If you are a follower of business history, this is a time of great opportunity. In the coming years, once titans of journalism will inevitably falter...and new ones will spring up in their place. Few other media companies have a stronger base and more momentum than Industry Dive. We look forward to earning our way to success. Sean Griffey, CEO of Industry Dive