March 12, 2021

Transport Dive marks first anniversary of publication

Transport Dive , Industry Dives newsletter and website that provides in-depth journalism and insight into the news and trends shaping the trucking industry, launched a year ago this week. Senior Editor Shefali Kapadia shared this message with subscribers in todays newsletter.

How do you measure a year?

Perhaps counting the daylights, sunsets and cups of coffee was the best way to bring a sense of normalcy to these last 12 months.

A year ago this week is when things really took a turn. COVID-19 was declared a pandemic. The last in-person conferences wrapped up. Widespread lockdowns began. Coincidentally, that same week, we sent the first Transport Dive newsletter. What a time to begin ...

So today, we're reflecting on the last year and the effects COVID-19 had on the trucking industry a year of market ups and downs, a year without conferences and chances to talk turkey in person, a year of emergency hauls of essential supplies.

There will be much more to report on and analyze as we enter Transport Dive's second year and the pandemic hopefully comes to an end.

In addition to providing news and insights on the pandemic's effects on trucking, Transport Dive has covered major events and need-to-know analysis for industry leaders, including:

The publication frequently uses data to tell trucking industry stories and assess the state of the market. The team examined operational costs in six charts and regional activity as the coronavirus led to lockdowns.

Transport Dive maintains a frequently updated resource on major indicators of the transport economy, including Class 8 truck orders and tonnage numbers.

Finally, Transport Dives YRC Profile for Company Profile published in August was just named a finalist Monday for a regional Azbee award by the American Society of Business Publication Editors.

It is exciting to see what year two will bring.To receive Transport Dive in your inbox, sign up here