July 11, 2012

Trending: The Best Social Media In Your Industry

Industry Dive is rolling out a new update to the Trending section of our platform. Our Dive sites have always aggregated updates from our "A-List," a roster of the best people in the industry to follow on Twitter. Twitter is great for following breaking news and information, but sometimes the volume of information can be overwhelming. The new update adds a "Best" tab to Trending with a compilation of only the best, most relevant messages. These are hand-picked by our editors and the section is designed to quickly get you up to speed. You don't need a Twitter account or any special set up, just a web browser. You can see it now at www.utilitydive.com/trending/

And of course it looks great on your phone! Again, no accounts needed and nothing to install; just point your smartphone browser to utilitydive.com/trending