August 6, 2013

Two New Mobile Directories

When Ryan, Eli, and I launched Industry Dive, our first goal was to create amazing mobile optimized resources for busy industry executives. News was always at the core but our vision included mobile friendly tools, data sets, jobs, resarch, and more.

Today we took another step forward with the launch of two new mobile directories for leaders in the education and food industries. Both directories cover hot topics in their industry and both were designed first with mobility in mind.

Food Startups Directory

One undeniable food trend is the rapid increase in the number of new food related startups. These include basic consumer facing companies but also a flood of new entrants in the packaging, ingredients, and food processing sectors. Our Food Startups directory will serve as mobile database to catalog them all.

We started with 51 prominent new start-ups but also provided ways for audience members to suggest companies to add.

Food Dive - Startups Directory

Social Networks for Educators

More than other industries we've covered, education professionals like to interact, network, and share best practices. As you might expect, there are a host of new social networks targeting education professionals. We've created a single directory that lists key information about the major players.

I'm excited about the directories for the information they contain and the fantastic mobile design. Mostly, I'm excited by the potential of this product and the next step forward for Industry Dive.