April 3, 2019

Waste Dive Dedicates Weekly Focus to Recycling

Since 2012, the journalists of Waste Dive have worked to keep executives and leaders in the solid waste and recycling industry informed with insightful news analysis, perspectives from thought leaders and deep dives into major trends.

Recently, one topic in particular has taken focus with real economic realities, environmental benefits and political/regulatory drivers: Recycling. Waste Dives ongoing work on this topic, especially since the announcement of new global scrap policies in 2017, has become a key resource for industry professionals and mainstream media outlets.

To give this area the coverage it deserves, we are launching a new weekly edition: Waste Dive: Recycling .

Waste Dive: Recycling will cover the full value chain of recyclable scrap material from generation to processing into feedstock for new products, and all the steps in between. The newsletter will explore the economic, environmental, political and cultural aspects of this process.

"Recycling may still be working, but the narrative around it has officially broken down and it's time to reset how we talk about it. That includes us at Waste Dive, which is why we're launching a fresh newsletter dedicated to having those conversations on a weekly basis," said Cole Rosengren, senior editor of Waste Dive.

Delivered every Wednesday afternoon, the Waste Dive: Recycling newsletter will cover everything you need to know about the changes impacting this area of the industry from the collection of recyclables and MRF operations to global trade policy and commodity trends to corporate responsibility.

You can sign up here to start receiving new reporting, regular updates to our 50 state tracker page and an ever-expanding universe of perspectives on one of the most complicated environmental systems we all participate in.

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