November 9, 2016

What President Trump Means for Your Industry

The polls have closed. The votes have been counted. And regardless of shock, America has a new President-elect. We've gathered all of our industry insights on how President Trump will impact our twelve vertical markets . From trade, tax reform, labor issues, and new initiatives passed, the editorial team at Industry Dive has you covered:


What a Trump win means for pharma
While neither candidate offered much for pharma to be excited about, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton had offered a plan to combat drug pricing and Trump had shown some agreement that the pricing issue is a problem.

Could Trump be pharma's golden ticket to repatriation?
Donald Trump being named the U.S. president-elect has created loads of uncertainty, but there could be billions in upside for pharma companies more specifically billions of dollars in ex-U.S. cash.


What technology will look like in Trump's America
Enterprises across the country are now assessing exactly how a Trump presidency will impact their industries. Business technology leaders, in particular, are looking at how immigration policies will impact the tech labor market and how Trump will shape cybersecurity policy in an era where technological innovation is advancing at a rapid pace and regulatory legislation struggles to keep up.


With Donald Trump as president, what's next for the construction industry?
On the positive side, experts have predicted the end of a tumultuous election cycle would mean good news for the construction industry, as uncertainty delayed new major projects. Now, the industry must wait to find out whether Trump will fulfill his campaign promises to boost infrastructure spending and slash regulations that can increase building costs.

State ballot results: Voters mixed on right-to-work, favor infrastructure spending
Beyond the unexpected presidential victory by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, and the less-surprising resurgence of conservatism in Congress, a host of state ballot issues were decided last night that stand to impact the business environment for construction nationwide.


Higher ed hopes President-elect Trump can help restore the industry
With the election of Trump, the American public has sent a clear signal that business as usual isn't going to cut it anymore, a reality higher ed administrators across the country have been grappling with as they continue to look for ways to reinvent and reestablish the model and the industry's relevance in the 21st century.

Education community hopes differences can be reconciled with President-elect Trump
Despite overwhelming support from the education community at-large for the democratic nominee, hope remains the state of education will improve under the next president.

What will Trump's election mean for college endowments?
Global markets tumbled in the early hours of election results; what does it mean for colleges and universities?


Will Donald Trump deregulate the FDA?
Many in the food industry wonder if deregulation could happen and, if so, what it could mean for producers and manufacturers.


Trump victory spells tough times ahead for ACA
Trump railed against the Affordable Care Act during his campaign, and now with Republican-controlled House of Representatives and Senate, it looks like they may actually have a chance to repeal or roll back the law.


What President Trump will mean for HR
Widely seen as an upset, the win by Trump alongside a majority Republican congress may ensure the passage of various Republican policies. We've outlined what we know so far about who won and what initiatives passed.


6 takeaways for marketers from the 2016 presidential election
With the varying methods of political advertising, earned media versus timely brand campaigns, this election cycle has definitely left us with a few important takeaways for marketers to ponder.


What President Trump means for retailers
After a long night, Republican candidate Donald Trump was voted into the White House. Heres how his administration could impact trade, tax reform and labor issues.

Supply Chain

Importers will suffer from increased risk, trade uncertainty following Trump victory
The decline reflects a deep uncertainty in America's role as a global business leader given President-elect Donald Trump's opposition to established trade agreements.


All bets are off: 4 takeaways on what President Trump means for the power sector
The paradigm of decarbonization that's guided utility-sector investments for the past decade is now up in the air.

Arizona utility regulators Burns, Tobin keep seats in contentious election
Incumbent commissioner Robert Burns, an outspoken supporter of the solar sector, kept his seat as both SolarCity and APS poured money into supporting his bid for re-election.

Florida solar Amendment 1, Washington carbon tax amendment struck down in election
Voters in Florida have rejected a ballot initiative widely seen as anti-solar, with votes falling short of the 60% needed to pass the utility-backed measure, according to multiple media reports.


Trump presidency sparks fear, skepticism among waste industry professionals
We asked Waste Dive readers if they were satisfied with the outcome of the election and their concerns for business operations and the majority of responses were far from positive.

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